Self-inking stamps are an economical and quick way to mark documents at home or in the office. Time stamp a document without making an inky mess with a self-inking stamp with replaceable ink pads that quickly change in and out to save time. Avoid stamp clutter with a multiple-word stamp that you can efficiently scroll through to find what you need.

Easy Colour Changes
Most self-inking stamps allow you to interchange the ink colour, which saves time and money since you won't need to buy multiple stamps for each colour. Optional colours allow you to colour code your administrative tasks, making it easier to view the status of each document.

Quality, Nontoxic Ink Options
Self-inking stamps offer a variety of different ink options to suit your preferences. All-natural nontoxic ink is available to keep those in your home and your office safe from potential chemical hazards while delivering the same high-quality impressions as traditional ink. Permanent inks are resistant to water damage to ensure their impressions remain.

Quality Stamp Power
Avoid smeared or transparent impressions with high-quality ink designed to last for months. Get thousands of impressions from one ink pad with self-inking stamps that deliver sharp, clear impressions every time without using an excessive amount of ink or the need to apply excessive force.

Reduce Stamp Clutter
Use a dial-a-phrase stamp that features multiple office phrases to eliminate desk clutter and increase your stamping efficiency. Self-inking stamps with multiple phrases have interchangeable ink pads help you stay organized while successfully marking each document or file with the right phrase.

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Trodat® Printy 4911 Climate Neutral Self-Inking Stamps
As low as $13.29
Trodat 4912 DIY Climate-Neutral Self-Inking Stamp, 4-Line, 3/4" x 1-7/8"
Trodat® 4850 Mini Text Daters
As low as $24.29
Trodat® Premium Stamp Pad Ink, #7011
As low as $6.59
Trodat® Self-Inking Line Dater
As low as $13.79
Trodat® Felt Stamp Pads
As low as $5.59
Trodat® 4911 Replacement Ink Swop Pads, 2/Pack
As low as $9.99
Trodat® S-Printy 4921 Self-Inking Mini Stamp
As low as $4.97
Trodat® 4911 Self-Inking Stamp
As low as $13.29
Trodat 1117 Phrase Dater Stamp, 4 mm, English
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