Protect your business assets or personal belongings in security safes for peace of mind. Leave town on a long holiday knowing all of your most valuable possessions are secure even in the event of a break in by storing them in personal or wall safes. Quickly store away money as it comes in to your business for immediate security with depository safes.

Protect Your Business Assets
Keep money, valuable business assets, and private corporate information safe in and out of the office with large-capacity, depository, and portable security safes. As money changes hands, keep a depository safe under the counter of your business to immediately secure large bills, preventing large losses and reducing the risk of opportunity theft. Make sure only the right people have access to your private corporate files by securing them in an office safe. When you need to take your confidential files or valuable technology on the go, lock them away in a portable safe for added security on the subway or plane.

Keep Personal Belongings Safe
Sleep better at night or enjoy long holidays more knowing your personal belongs are safely tucked away in a security safe. Focus on what is most important in the event of a fire while knowing your irreplaceable documents and photos and most valuable treasures are protected in a fire safe. Put large valuables such as paintings and valuable china in a large-capacity safe when you leave the house, or store smaller valuables in a smaller safe that fits in the back of your closet.

Multiple Lock Styles
Get the security you want with a lock that works for you thanks to security safes with a wide variety of locking mechanisms. Lock your valuables down with an electronic or manual combination lock, or choose a key or biometric lock for fewer numbers to remember.

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