Rubber bands from Staples come in standard and oversized varieties, fit for any item that needs to be secured. Dixon, Alliance, Staples Economy, and Baumgartens offer rubber bands that are colourful and durable. Coloured rubber bands are great for colour-coding office supplies, documents or small parts. Super strength rubber bands go beyond the office to hold down box lids, contain rolled-up rugs, or secure large packages.

Rubber Band Balls
Keep your office clutter-free with a colourful rubber band ball. Rubber band balls offer you quick access to rubber bands without the tangled mess of a rubber band drawer. Bounce the rubber band ball around the office to have some simple fun, while maintaining organization. Rubber band balls are perfect for young students who want a portable organizer that doesn't require a lot of space.

Multiple Sizes for All Needs
Staples offers rubber bands in a number of sizes, as well as a variety of quantities. Small rubber bands hold pencils together, while larger rubber bands secure card stock, copy paper, and box lids. Bags with assorted sizes and colours are available for homes and offices needing a range of sizes to fit their organization needs.

Hypoallergenic Options
Not all rubber bands are made equal. Baumgartens offer latex-free polyurethane rubber bands that do not cause irritation. The latex-free rubber band is durable with properties that fight deterioration and discoloration, which is common in traditional rubber bands.

Lightweight, Strong Flexibility
Lightweight rubber bands snugly snap to the material that they are holding together. Extra durable rubber bands offer up to three times more stretching ability than traditional rubber bands to help eliminate breakage.

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