Network Cabling – Faster Internet Access, Share Devices without Interference

Use network cabling to connect devices for fast Internet service and better performance. Network cabling can also connect multiple computers to a peripheral.

Cat 5 Network Cabling
Cat 5 network cabling helps reduce crosstalk, which prevents signals from different channels of communication from interfering with one another. This type of Ethernet cable has four pairs of copper wire but only uses two pairs to speed up Ethernet communications. Cat 5 cables come in two types; solid, which is better suited for longer distances and fixed configurations, and stranded, which is better for shorter distances and mobile configurations.   
Cat 6 Network Cabling
Cat 6 network cabling is the sixth cohort of twisted pair Ethernet cabling. This type of cable has internal separators to isolate pairs of wire from each other. Unlike Cat 5 network cabling, Cat 6 utilizes all four pairs of copper wire, which allows for communications over twice the speed as Cat 5 cables do.  
Fiber Optic Network Cabling
Fiber optic network cabling provides a high-performance connection between wired devices like wired routers over greater distances. This type of cabling maximizes conduit usage and minimizes interference. Fiber optic cabling provides a high-quality signal for high-speed data communication for your home or office.

Cabling Characteristics 
Network cabling is a means through which information travels from one device to another. A network can use one type of cable or several different types of cables, depending on its size and protocol. Although the characteristics of Cat 5, Cat 6, and fiber optic cabling differ, each type enhances speed, quality, and performance, resulting in a better overall experience for the user.

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