Providing hot cups in the office or at your establishment makes drinking hot beverages on the go simple and convenient. Insulated, sustainable cups offer portability without negatively affecting the environment. You can provide lids and sleeves that are compatible with most disposable cups, and store the extras in a closet to replenish supplies when they get low. Choose from a variety of contemporary designs that fit your company's individual style.

Sustainable Portability
Disposable cups sometimes end up littering the environment, but you can stop that by using hot cups made with recycled, sustainable materials. Biodegradable hot cups are compostable and are made of sustainable materials to reduce the carbon footprint of disposable cups. Feel comfortable throwing away your hot cup when you are through with it when you use cups made from post-consumer materials that degrade within two years.

Economical Accessories
Stock up on sleeves and lids for hot cups, and stay within your budget. The wide range of hot cup accessories allows you to customize your cups' appearance. Choose from white or black lids that are made from traditional or eco-friendly materials. Cup sleeves protect the hands of staff and customers from burns and come in dozens of styles, colours, and materials.

Optimal Insulation
Choose an insulated hot beverage cup to eliminate the need for double cupping or cup sleeves to prevent hand burns. Hot cups with insulation walls keep insulate beverages so they stay hot longer, making them ideal for people commuting from one location to the next. Choose from paper or foam options to fit your needs.

Designed for You
Hot cups come in several sizes and designs that can suit your office or business needs. Choose from coffee bean or abstract designs that liven up the hot cup. You can stock the office break room or serve coffee with cups ranging in size from 6 to 20 ounces.

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