Warn passersby of danger with these easily recognizable floor signs. The signs offer two- and three-sided options and are easily folded and transported from one area to another as a project or task is finished. Seal off an area with several signs or place one near your entryway to ensure everyone knows the floor might be wet.

Traditional Yellow Means Caution
The bright yellow of these floor signs will make them instantly noticeable, and they efficiently let your employees, clients, or visitors know to stay away from certain areas and exercise caution if nearby. Whether used during cleaning or waste management projects, these floor signs are universally understood as symbols warning of hazards. Choose from a variety of heights and widths according to how these floor signs are needed.

Durable and Lightweight
These signs are made of durable material for long use. They are also lightweight, so more than one can easily be transported from one work area to another. Choose sturdily constructed, expandable barriers that can be set in a straight line or bent around a curved area.

Foldable and Transportable
Pop-up safety cones automatically deploy, collapse easily, and are efficiently transportable in a janitor's cart. Larger, two-sided floor signs fold and are safely stacked for moving from one location to another. Effortlessly deployed hanging signs use torsion action to secure a pole to an entry way, blocking off traffic for safety.

Many of the floor signs offer precise warnings in two or three languages, including English, Spanish, and French. Choose safety cones with label space on top to indicate location of placement or any other necessary information.

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Staples Multilingual "Caution" Floor Sign, Yellow, 12" x 12 1/2" x 24"
Accuform Signs® "NOTICE THIS AREA IS UNDER 24 HOUR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE" Safety Sign with Graphic, 7" x 10"
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Rubbermaid Wet Floor Sign
HeadLine Sign Security Camera in Use Signs, (8198)
Rubbermaid "Closed for Cleaning" Site Safety Hanging Sign (English)
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Fold-Ups TM, Notice; Restroom Closed for Cleaning, SEA521
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Standard Safety Tags, Hot Work Permit, SBB284, 25/Pack
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Pipemarker, Adhesive Vinyl, 25/Pack, Distilled Water, 1" x 9", 3/4" Cap Height, 25/Pack
Lockout Safety Tags, Danger; Locked out do not operate, SAU806, 25/Pack
Notice, Drinking Water, 10" x 14", Rigid Plastic
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