Keep germs from spreading from one person to another with a box of facial tissue that has antiviral properties to kill germs before they spread throughout the air. At home and at the office, the use of facial tissue to wipe noses or hands is a preventative habit that helps everybody stay clean and healthy. Fun designs let desktop tissue boxes add flair and personality to your home or office.

Desktop Clean
Place boxes of facial tissue at every desk or common area to keep area clean of harmful bacteria and viruses spread through sneezing or coughing. Tissues that contain antiviral and antibacterial properties are perfect for offices, schools, and homes with sick children. Tissue boxes don't take up much space and provide quick access to a tissue when needed.

Portable Options
Portable tissue packs are great for storing in your bag for when you need them on the go. Facial tissue is hypoallergenic and offers a quick clean when you can't get to a restroom. Consider putting portable facial tissue packs in the office break rooms, in bathrooms, or near the doors for those who might need to take tissues with them.

Personalized Designs
Facial tissue boxes can fit to your personal or office style with a variety of designs. Boxes come in whimsical, traditional, contemporary, and artistic designs that add flair to your home or office. The colourful design may encourage people to take a tissue when they need it.

Keep Your Nose Soft
Avoid chapping your nose with facial tissue that has aloe vera and vitamin E in the material to soothe your face. The added lotions and the softness of the material help prevent and heal chapped skin.

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