Correction fluid and tape allow for quick and easy alterations to documents. The advanced formulas used in modern correction fluids and tapes apply smoothly and dry quickly for rapid rewriting. A wide selection of application methods ensures you can always have at least one correction tool handy.

Simple Application
Correction fluid and tape features a simple application process that lets you quickly erase errors. Simply draw the tape across the error or brush the fluid directly over the incorrect letters. The high density of many solutions provides complete coverage that prevents others from easily uncovering corrected errors.

Quick Drying
Most correction fluid and tape formulas dry quickly without leaving much sign of alterations. The quick-drying formula makes it easy to get back to working on typewritten documents or contracts without waiting long periods after application. Quick-drying solutions also help ensure even drying that won't leave tell-tale creases in paper.

Ergonomic Designs
Correction fluid and tape dispensers often feature ergonomic designs that allow them to easily fit in the palm of your hand. Ergonomic comfort is especially important for those who need to make corrections to tens or hundreds of printed papers that may have more than one error. Many dispensers also have soft grips for added stability and ease of application.

Portable Corrections
Many correction fluid and tape options fit neatly in shirt pockets or laptop bags, letting you take them with you wherever you go. Tape dispensers and fluid applicator pens are easy to carry to the office and use while flying or commuting on a train or bus. The ability to make portable corrections can save you time and eliminate the potential embarrassment of accidentally providing uncorrected documents to customers or clients due to time constraints.

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