Travel the world and speak the local language with the help of language learning software from Rosetta Stone, Druide Antidote, and Individual Software. Choose from Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, and even Mandarin Chinese. Nothing better prepares you for doing International business than learning the languages of your prospective partners.

Rosetta Stone
With a name that is nearly synonymous with language learning software, Rosetta Stone excels in providing language instruction that is tailored to your taste and study style. Its advanced and intuitive technique uses a mixture of pictures, words, speaking, and listening to engage its students so that they pick up the language quickly and easily. Choose from a range of European and Asian languages.

Druide Antidote
If your goal is writing intermediate level French, Druide Antidote for English Speakers offers a comprehensive set of reference tools in its language learning software. Its key features include an advanced grammar checker, a collection of useful dictionaries, and auto correct functions for the most common mistakes made by English speakers. This powerful language tool integrates seamlessly with major word processors and email providers so that you can be sure what you're writing is accurate.

Individual Software
Staples also offers language education products from Individual Software. This language learning software features the company's Flexible Immersion System, which places you into real-world interactive situations with native speakers. It is the ideal tool for learning exactly what you need to know for travel, for business, or for school, and it includes a speech analysis workshop to help you perfect your accent.

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